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GSA Global SupplyTM (Printed Copy)

GSA Global SupplyTM (Electronic Copy)

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GSA Global SupplyTM (Printed Copy)

GSA Global SupplyTM (Electronic Copy)

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GSA SmartPay® Card



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New FAS One Source Directory

NEW FAS One Source Directory, Third Edition(5-12-00141) Third Edition(5-12-00141)
Please dispose of any older One Source Directory publications you may have, as this has the most up-to-date information. This is the NEW One Source Directory, Third Edition.
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The NEW FAS One Source Directory, Third Edition, provides an updated overview of everything offered by GSA's Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) for the federal government, military services, and state and local audience. This directory describes the Category Offerings, Delivery Methods, Program Channels, Online Resources, Customer Support, International and National Contact Information, Regional Contact Information, Internet References, Federal Supply Class Assignments, List of GSA Multiple Award Schedules, NAICS of Technology Related Products and Services, List of GSA GWACs, List of Network and Telecommunication Services Contracts, and a Glossary of Acronyms and Terms.

Striving to Be Green

recycle Environmental Responsibility in a
World of Publications

Digital doesn't meet every need for every customer ? yet. For example, there is still the need for catalogs in ordering locations without internet access, desk references, and accident kits in the glove compartments of fleet vehicles. We serve this need with a strong sense of environmental responsibility.

Our materials are produced by printers operating within Government Printing Office (GPO) contract terms and conditions and within GPO standards. This ensures compliance with Public Law 94-580, Resources Conservation and Recovery Act, and Public Law 96-482, the Solid Waste Amendment and where practicable meeting or exceeding the recommend guidance of the EPA's Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for recovered and postconsumer material content levels. Additionally, printing facilities in violation of the Clean Air and Water Act are not used.
  • All of our materials are produced on formaldehyde-free paper and contain the highest recycled content practical for each print run.
  • We are constantly surveying the print and duplication industry, looking for substrates that are biodegradable and nontoxic.
  • We avoid coatings and treatments that make paper unrecyclable whenever possible.
  • We specify soy-based and other environmentally friendly inks.
  • We minimize packaging, shipping and labeling materials and make environmentally conscious selections like paper banding instead of plastic packaging.
  • We've aligned with print industry partners that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

To help us in these efforts, we ask:
  • If a digital publication will work for your needs, to please consider downloading a digital copy instead of ordering a hard copy.
  • If you order printed material, please order only the amount that you need.
  • Encourage end-users of the printed material, once they are finished with them, to share the publications with their colleagues.
  • Recycle the printed materials once they are no longer needed.


What are those barcodes that look like mazes you've started to see on the back of catalogs and publications?

QR Code - Well, they are called QR Codes. A QR code (Quick Response Code) enables mobile phones to provide easier access to websites, contact information, calendar events, images, text, maps, and more! Using a mobile device's camera and a QR reader application, information can be captured more quickly than by writing or typing it.

QR codes at Expo!

QR Reader Applications on Government Mobile Devices. You'll need a QR reader application to be able to scan QR codes. For government-owned mobile devices, GSA refers you to your organization's policy on downloading and using free applications on mobile devices.

Installing QR Code Reader. GSA does not endorse or recommend a specific QR code reader. Most mobile devices have an application marketplace, store or world that allows users to search and download free applications. Search "QR" in your device's application marketplace, store or world and download a QR reader application following the user prompts.

New eTool! IT Navigator.


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